aka digital drawings for your creative endeavours (or as cool gift to anyone)

how does that work?

  1. You send an image (or a few) of the people you want illustrated

  2. I'll tell you how much is going to cost (but you can have an idea based on the numbers below) and, if you are good with it, I'll wait for your $

  3. After I receive your proof of payment, I'll send you a first version of the drawing. You can ask for alterations ad infinitum until you are 100% happy with the piece

  4. Once you approve it, I'll send you a link to download a high-resolution file of the drawing and that's it! You can print wherever/whenever if you feel like it! :)

how much it will cost me?

1-2 humans: CAD$40 / R$120

3 humans: CAD$60 / R$180

4 humans: CAD$80 / R$240

[+ CAD $20 / R$60 per extra human]

*and, yes, pets count as humans ‘cause pets are the best humans!

i'm a business. how does that work?

Let's chat! Tell me what you need and we'll figure it out together. (you can see some comercial works below )