Whattahell is Tartics? 

Tartics, as you might have guessed, comes from the word 'tart.' Tartics is an imagined adjective created to try to make sense of what my watercolors (and digital illustrations) are all about. Figurative and often accompanied by not-to-sweet phrases, they are supposed to break with the perceived notion of 'soft' and 'ethereal' traditional watercolors. Irony, humor, lots of blurred lines and smudges of paint is what makes them 'tartics.' 


Ok. And whothahell are you? 

Hello there! I'm Luiza – an art-gluttonous that [besides reading, writing, and working with art] happens to paint and illustrate, too. I'm originally from São Paulo, Brazil, but moved around quite a bit. First NYC, then LA, and now Vancouver, Canada. You can find more about me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


tart. tärt/ adjective. adjective: tart; comparative adjective: tarter; superlative adjective: tartest. sharp or acid in taste. synonyms: sour, sharp, acid, acidic, zesty, tang.

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